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At Just Call Infotel, a brand owned by Infotel and Marketing Communications, we are involved primarily into the business of rendering FREE instant information (All Products /Services / Businesses/ Industrial and Professional) free of cost to all callers and users through a combo of our state-of-art voice Centre , Web Portal , SMS alerts medium and Mobile Application .

So we are one stop Info Free info source for all, As the TELECOM & DIGITAL REVOLUTION in India is catching up , our number of calls, users of Mobile App are rising exponentially with every passing day. Already enrolled Business establishments with us since more than 18 years are getting good ROI (Return on investment) and finally effective business leads through ourcombo of different mediums .

Just Call Infotel , a user friendly & technologically advanced information service is opened 24-hours a day, 7-days a week & 365 days a year through all Mediums mentioned above and is ABSOLUTELY FREE for all users whenever anybody wants to access any information to buy any product or services.

Undoubtedly , we are ranked as No. 1 one stop Source for all whenever anybody is planning to buy any product or hire any services . As per our day to day track record of our callers and users, we have been receiving lots of queries regarding your information in relation to your products and services, So if you act in time and choose your plan with our services, we can forward your name to these prospective Customers which will definately add on to your sales. A Huge floating population like Corporate, Bankers, Corporations, Industries, Army, Airforce, BSF etc. who are outsiders in our respective cities are JUST CALL’s NICHE USER SEGMENT , which may get you good business deals.

Special Offer Economy Packages:

Membership-365 days promotion 2 Yrs. Package 3 Yrs. Package
Rs 12,000/-Rs. 20,000/- Rs. 28,000/-

Short Term Packages:

Membership-180 days Promotion
Rs 8000/-


In Call Track Feed back facility, you get SECRET PASSWORD which will be intimated in your confirmation letter will facilitate you to track the details of callers to whom we have recommended your products and services through email on request & automatically SMS alert also gets generated when any user/caller views your name on our Mobile App.

Fill up your registration form NOW ! And see your business growing exponentially.